IT for Education

Information Technology applied to Education promises to transform the entire field bringing new innovations that make learning more engaging and fun for students. IT for Education aims to democratize access to best study resources independent of geographical location and provide practical knowledge to complement the theoretical knowledge gains from books and regular classroom teaching methods.

This leads to improved knowledge retention, engaged students, better student grades and better career opportunities for students. Artificial Intelligence when applied to education can help in predictive modeling of student’s performance and ability to intervene before drop in student’s final grades which may lead to student’s demoralization and drop out, or in some situations, student attempting to take their life seeing their scores.

We can help you with your IT education projects including building reliable IT applications hosted on cloud or on-premises as per your needs, and also Proof-of-Concept applications (POCs) which you can use to convince your organization’s decision makers to invest in a full-fledged IT solution.

SyllabusMagic ( is one such revolutionary POC from Sublime Intelligence Solutions which aims to transform the learning/teaching experience for students and teachers (including freelance faculty). Contact us for more details regarding SyllabusMagic or a similar solution that you are interested in.

We are led by an IT industry expert with decade of experience, including researching and designing advanced IT solutions for education on cloud. Please reach us at to get started immediately.